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A COM object may be used in. NET sides, objects using the other technology appear as native objects. For instance, it allows objects to be transparently marshalled by value across process or machine boundaries more easily.

The API definitions are, however, stored in ". NET uses with a few modifications. NET applications, and its syntax is much simpler. There are therefore few restrictions on what the code can do.

The prior practice of embedding ActiveX components on web pages with Internet Explorer did therefore lead to problems with malware infections.

Microsoft recognized the problem with ActiveX as far back as when Charles Fitzgerald said, "We never made the claim up front that ActiveX is intrinsically secure".

The ActiveX controls are signed with digital signatures to guarantee their authenticity. It is also possible to disable ActiveX controls altogether, or to allow only a selected few.

The transparent support for out-of-process COM servers still promotes software safety in terms of process isolation.

This can be useful for decoupling subsystems of large application into separate processes. Process isolation limits state corruption in one process from negatively affecting the integrity of the other processes, since they only communicate through strictly defined interfaces.

Thus, only the affected subsystem needs to be restarted in order to regain valid state. This is not the case for subsystems within the same process, where a rogue pointer in one subsystem can randomly corrupt other subsystems.

Each COM component exposes its functionality through one or more interfaces. All access to components is done through the methods of the interfaces.

This allows techniques such as inter-process, or even inter-computer programming the latter using the support of DCOM. All COM components implement the IUnknown custom interface, which exposes methods for reference counting and type conversion casting.

A custom IUnknown interface consists of a pointer to a virtual method table that contains a list of pointers to the functions that implement the functions declared in the interface, in the same order that they are declared in the interface.

Dispatch interfaces support late binding for OLE Automation. This allows dispatch interfaces to be natively accessed from a wider range of programming languages than custom interfaces.

A COM class "coclass" is a concrete implementation of one or more interfaces, and closely resembles classes in object-oriented programming languages.

Like many object-oriented languages, COM provides a separation of interface from implementation. This distinction is especially strong in COM, where objects cannot be accessed directly, but only through their interfaces.

COM also has support for multiple implementations of the same interface, so that clients at runtime can choose which implementation of an interface to instantiate.

Type libraries contain metadata to represent COM types. IDL files define object-oriented classes, interfaces, structures, enumerations and other user-defined types in a language independent manner.

IDL also supports the use of bracketed attributes before declarations to provide additional information, such as interface GUIDs and the relationships between pointer parameters and length fields.

TLB files contain binary metadata that can be processed by different language compilers and runtime environments e. Because COM is a runtime framework, types have to be individually identifiable and specifiable at runtime.

To achieve this, globally unique identifiers GUIDs are used. It is through the effective use of type libraries that COM achieves its capabilities as a dynamic framework for the interaction of objects.

Instantiation of SomeClass can be implemented as follows:. All COM objects utilize reference counting to manage object lifetimes. The reference counts are controlled by the clients through the AddRef and Release methods in the mandatory IUnknown interface that all COM objects implement.

COM objects are then responsible for freeing their own memory when the reference count drops to zero. Visual Basic provide automatic reference counting so that COM object developers need not explicitly maintain any internal reference counter in their source codes.

Not all reference count calls are sent to remote objects over the wire; a proxy keeps only one reference on the remote object and maintains its own local reference count.

It also shields COM client application developers from the need to directly maintain reference counting, by providing smart pointer objects.

COM is a language agnostic binary standard that can be developed in any programming language capable of understanding and implementing its binary defined data types and interfaces.

COM implementations are responsible for entering and leaving the COM environment, instantiating and reference-counting COM objects, querying objects for supported interfaces, as well as handling errors.

COM libraries use the registry to locate either the correct local libraries for each COM object or the network location for a remote service.

Instead, the metadata and CLSIDs of the classes implemented in the component are declared in an assembly manifest described using XML , stored either as a resource in the executable or as a separate file installed with the component.

During application loading, the Windows loader searches for the manifest. Only if the lookup fails is the registry scanned.

But it can create internal objects which may not be registered at all , and hand out references to interfaces to them, using its own private knowledge.

COM objects can be transparently instantiated and referenced from within the same process in-process , across process boundaries out-of-process , or remotely over the network DCOM.

Out-of-process and remote objects use marshalling to serialize method calls and return values over process or network boundaries.

This marshalling is invisible to the client, which accesses the object as if it were a local in-process object. In COM, threading is addressed through a concept known as apartments.

There are three types of apartments in COM: All threads accessing COM objects similarly live in one apartment.

The choice of apartment for COM objects and threads are determined at run-time, and cannot be changed. Threads and objects which belong to the same apartment follow the same thread access rules.

Method calls which are made inside the same apartment are therefore performed directly without any assistance from COM. Method calls made across apartments are achieved via marshalling.

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